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Look at the Stars

How do you feel when you are alone at night looking at the wonderful stars shining in the nightsky while having nostalgic thoughts? I like it very much. I savour every minute of it. With the twist of clouds which makes the stars twinkle, comes the twist of events that storm the memory in every possible direction. While some memory are filled with painfull experiences, there are loads of happy moments in our life which we store in our brain as memories. And almost always consider insignificant. Strangely we don’t want to experience bad things happen in our life but we seems to constantly think of those past experiences which are painful. We should all realize that our good and happy memories deserve more attention from us!

Go to your rooftop or take a peek through the window; see those awesome bright stars shining? They remind us that our life is very short. So short that we don’t have enough time to rethink and repeat our past failures, bad experiences. We all are like shining stars which should shine brightly in dark sky and make it less dark. No matter how hard it seems to be, it is always possible, keep that in the back of your mind. Think happy, do happy, smile happy and shine brightly like those stars.

We should always remember that the storms or clouds can temporarily block the light but stars always win because they are so high above. No calamity can touch them, or stop them from shining till the last moment they die out. Wonderfull thoughts, wonderfull inspirations, full of happy moments.

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